Feature on: Sooqini – the entrepreneur’s handy helper @sooqini

Sooqini – a new mobile and on-line marketplace has launched in London aimed at changing the way businesses get things done.

With thousands of small businesses and individuals already signed up, and the support of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), Sooqini is the UK’s “marketplace for almost anything”, where anyone can buy and sell any goods, skills or information with others in their local community. For entrepreneurs and business owners, the platform can be used to source anything at their own budget and find new customers without the need for expensive marketing.

Got a new product and would like to recruit testers and receive feedback? Need someone to develop and design your website and marketing collateral? Want to hire a guerrilla marketing team? Want some advice on how to run your social media campaign? Or maybe just hire an assistant to do small office jobs? Just ask for it on Sooqini.

The process is easy: it just takes seconds to post your request, and what you’re willing to pay, and others on its secure platform will offer their expertise. Choose the best offer, make your payment when you are ready, and, as on eBay and Amazon, exchange ratings and feedback. As a seller, you can be automatically alerted when the right job is available or just look for jobs in your area.

Dealmaker Judith Moreton at the UKTI’s Global Entrepreneurship Programmer commented “GEP is proud to be supporting an exciting new company like Sooqini, and is particularly pleased with its potential to build communities, and to bring many more people into the paid work sector in these difficult economic times.”

Sooqini’s CEO, T. Raj Singh, a technology entrepreneur and investor with over 25 years of experience, commented, “We all need a helping hand now and again, and Sooqini allows you to capitalise on the skills and talents of the people around you – it’s like building your own personal outsourcing service. On top of that, you are effectively creating a job for someone else with every request, just when the economy needs it most.”

Sooqini had started when one of the co-founders was looking for a tennis partner during the day and no one was available. The fact that there were no efficient ways to satisfy simple location based, time-sensitive requests led to the birth of Sooqini.

Registration is free, simple and can be done either online at sooqini.com or on the iPhone app currently available in the Apple App Store. Android and other mobile versions will be rolled out soon.
After the London launch, Sooqini plans to expand its platform to the whole of the UK and then Europe.

Sooqini Limited is part of the Global Entrepreneur Programme run by UK Trade & Industry http://www.ukti.gov.uk/investintheuk/globalentrepreneursprogramme.htm

Twitter: @sooqini