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Introducing Loyalli

The Mobile Loyalty Network

Loyalli is a revolutionary Smartphone application that provides a simple but effective virtual, stamp card loyalty program for retailers and their customers.

After downloading Loyalli, the user simply clicks on the ‘nearby’ feature to see which of their favourite local retailers are registered.

Available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry Loyalli is free to use for both retailers and their customers.

Currently over 350 retailers across the UK are using Loyalli, many as their primary loyalty scheme. With full social media integration Loyalli allows you to share the places you love over Facebook and Twitter.

New retailers are joining daily increasing Loyalli’s coverage up and down the country. The loyalty revolution begins!

The Story of Loyalli

These days everywhere you go a stamp or loyalty card is thrust upon you. High streets are littered with those stamp cards that haven’t quite excited enough to reach ‘retained in wallet’ status.

In a digital age, stamp based loyalty cards stick out as an antiquated method of retaining customers.

One day over a particularly good coffee, the Loyalli team joked about how often we either lost or forgot these paper scraps that could one day earn us something for free. Then we realised that actually, we’ve all been missing out for years.

This got us thinking, when a wallet only has a finite amount of space, businesses should look to the contents of the other pocket – the mobile phone.

Surely Smartphones are a much better place to store loyalty cards? No limitations on space, never forgotten, always on hand.

With this revelation we wrote down a simple business model and got to work.

Loyalty cards + mobile phones = Loyalli

For Customers we wanted to create one place where a customer could store all of their loyalty cards, add points and find local businesses that reward customers.

For retailers we wanted to go way beyond the traditional stamp card offering. We aimed to offer real-time statistics that showed whether a scheme is working successfully and a way to connect them to their customers through the exciting world of social media. It was clear we had a lot of work ahead!

Talking to small business owners and showcasing a very primitive version of what we intended to create, we learned a lot in a short space of time. Over 50 retailers said they would join, even before we had a real product!

Thanks to fantastic support, we hit and the drawing board full of ideas (and coffee). A long week of designing later, a fully operational app that stores cards, locates local ‘Loyalli’ retailers, collect points and much more was born.

The Future

The next step for Loyalli is to grow our loyalty network to cover every corner of the UK, allowing customers of every store to be rewarded appropriately for their loyalty.

Whilst doing this we vow to keep the app a clean, fun experience for the customer and a value adding one for the retailers.

Finally, with customer retention addressed, the next logical development step was clear to us. We’ve set about answering the question, ‘what else can we remove from your wallet?’

For more details you can find us here;

Web: www.loyalli.com

Retailers: Loyalli.com/register

Twitter: @loyalli

Facebook: Facebook/loyalli