Feature on: myMzone @myMzoneltd

Feature on myMzone:

The concept behind myMzone was dreamed up in an MBA classroom by two middlesex University graduates – Ravi Jay and Asaf Nahum. The focal point of the problem is that local markets in London have been on a decline in the past few years; one of the reasons being that the resources and capabilities of market traders were limited to product creation and retail marketing. Since it has been predicted that during the Olympic games 2012, there will be a big buzz generated around London and all of its local markets. This buzz can be used to leverage the uniqueness and authenticity of local markets giving them a lot of exposure. Thus, myMzone was conceptualised as an online platform where local markets in London are brought together.

In short: ‘London markets in one bag’

All members of myMzone share a passion to support artisans and designers who love to create. One of the impacts of economic recession that befell Britain is that many designers and artisans had to close their business or change their products converting them to become more “main stream” in order to sustain their business model. myMzone envisioned a way to allow the designers to concentrate on what they do best – “create” while giving them an option to be visible and discoverable by a larger audiance.

However, the tourists may not be in a position to take advantage of what London has to offer becauase of logistical reasons. Further, European tourists travel light and local airlines have stringent weight restrictions. With myMzone they can enjoy London without worrying about carrying what they love because they now have access to the best of London from the comfort of their couch.

Further, one cannot forget that London markets are filled with amazing products that are quintessentially British and exclusive to London.

Market research showed that ourists would like to have the opportunity to re-visit a particular merchant they liked and have access to other items from the same seller. This to them was important in maintaining an emotional connection with London and allow them to stay in touch with the people they brushed shoulders with or to re-purchase a product offering from a merchant with ease.

Further, since they have a wide range of products to choose from, they could assess what the markets have to offer while serendipitously find other amazing products. Fitted with a very powerful search engine, visitors can now find the perfect product amongst thousands of products from London in myMzone.
Finally, The markets in london are filled with a creative community that should be encouraged to move forward and not to be affected by economic conditions. Many brands and artists are on their way and myMzone focusses on helping them get there faster.