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Once a secret among fashion insiders, BuyMyWardrobe the company that brought luxe recycling events to London back in 2008 have for the last year been working on building a brand new online marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved designer fashion.

The BuyMyWardrobe online marketplace, which will officially launch on 30th August, is currently live in beta at www.buymywardrobe.com. The online launch is supported by the recent opening of the BuyMyWardrobe pre-loved fashion boutique in London’s West End.

buymywardrobe.com is an exclusive online marketplace for fashion savvy individuals to trade pre-owned designer fashion. 
The emphasis is on quality rather than quantity and seller memberships are only given out to approved stylish women.

Once approved, SELLERS are able to create a profile to sell from. Profiles focus on the style credentials of the seller. Featuring details such as occupation, height, dress size, shoe size and favorite designers, profiles will eventually be integrated to personal blogs and social media sites to create a network of trust. Seller memberships are only available on application or can be gained through referral from an existing seller.

BUYERS will need to register as members to interact with sellers. Newsletters and alerts will keep buyers notified when favorite sellers post something new. Loyal customers will have the chance to gain early access to some sales and be the first in line for VIP tickets to offline events.

BuyMyWardrobe was originally launched back in 2008 as a designer recycling event where stylish women came together in upmarket locations around London to sell the contents of their wardrobes. Targeted events such as BuyMyHandbag and BuyMyFrock have been added to the calendar and the first BuyMyWardrobe event to take place outside of London was in Birmingham in April 2012. The fashion recycling events will continue all year round and will be extended to other cities in the UK.

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