About us

UKStartUp is a commercial business & is not funded by the government & is non political.

Our aim is to engage & positively influence business through social networking & improve the opportunities for financial growth for our UK business network.

Celebrating existing business & encouraging UK startups we want your success stories , achievements and/or failures those that have shaped your business. Follow us, join the community on facebook, twitter or many other social platforms available from our growing collection of media connections. Sign up for our emails and you’ve less chance of missing out on anything. Remember this is about you, not us. We will be adding additional services as we evolve – but for starters if you are not on twitter you could be losing out – it takes nothing to join in so what are you waiting for.Our principle objectives can be summed up in three statements:

  • Engage: through the use of social media and other means engage with small business & wherever possible in real time.
  • Enthuse: embrace positive thinking & use it to communicate with the business community in a way that is constructive & positive to their business needs & aspirations.
  • Enlighten: keep our followers up to date with business news & events on a regular basis.
  • Educate: equip our community with the knowledge and insights to be successful small business owners
  • Expose: afford small businesses the opportunity to leverage our strong brand for maximum exposure to the right target audience.
  • We believe that good management practice can have a very substantial positive effect on UK business & we’ll be promoting this aspect in due course.

Want a feature on our website? or want to advertise your services then in the first place please contact us.

This is about YOU!

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