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Our mission is to support aspiring entrepreneurs and startups across the UK, through business tools, knowledge and resources to help you ‘Setup, Survive and Thrive.’

With a thriving online community of over 300,000 entrepreneurs, we know the challenges of starting and building a successful business. That’s why we’re here to help you get started, achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams.

RAISED: How to Attract Business Funding

Are you struggling to finance your startup or grow your small business?
Have you been confused about the funding options available to your business?
Do you want to grow your startup or small business in 2017?

We conducted a survey in our community and discovered that access to finance is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs across the UK.

That’s why we’ve created our very first online course RAISED: How to Attract Business Funding.

Our CEO Maria-Dee is a startup advisor fundraising coach for early-stage businesses. Capitalising on her experiences, insight and our industry knowledge and partnerships, in this practical online course we’ll be giving you a clear roadmap for funding your business.

You will learn:
– what funding is available to your business
– how to successfully access it
– how to become investment ready
– what investors are looking for
– the do’s and don’ts of fundraising
– how to create a strategic plan for business growth…
and much more.

Launching in a matter of weeks, to be the first to get this course, click the button below to leave your details and a member of our team will be in touch.

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UKStartUp Productivity Planner

Are you a dreamer but struggle to turn those dreams into action?
Are you stuck in that cycle of making great plans but struggle to follow through on them?

Establishing a startup is one thing, running it is another! Most entrepreneurs start a business on their own wearing so many hats that sometimes it becomes difficult to stay on top of things.

That’s why we’ve created a bespoke entrepreneurial productivity planner to help you stay on top of your day-to-day business. We’ve even included key dates so you know what’s going on in the startup world and how you can get involved.

Having a plan for every day, week and month is key to successfully managing your startup and growing your business. We’ve created a part-planner, part business journal to help you maximise your time and measure progress every week and month in 2017.

Click the button below and we’ll send you details on how to exclusively order your copy.

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UKStartUp Book Club

Personal development as an entrepreneur is absolutely key for success. Not only that but some books will save wasted time, effort and resources as you learn from experiences of others in business who have the successes (and failures) to prove it.

Kicking off in January, we’ll be selecting our top entrepreneurial, self-development and all round business books to share with our community. With our virtual book club, we’ll read these books and share key learning points to help you along in your journey.

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